Financing Options



TelData  offers three customer financing options - $1 Out, Fair Market Value (FMV) Lease, and FlexGuard.

Traditional Leasing

TelData offers two basic traditional lease programs: $1 Out and Fair Market Value (FMV).

· The $1 Out Lease allows customers to purchase all equipment at the end of the lease term for $1; it does not qualify as an off-balance-sheet item, and it is the least flexible lease option because it obligates the customer to ownership

· The FMV Lease may qualify as an off-balance-sheet transaction and permits your customers to return the equipment at the end of the term or purchase it for "Fair Market Value"


FlexGuard is a financial program that has many attributes of an FMV lease and allows your customers to replace their entire system using a "System Replacement Guarantee;" the replacement can be at any time, without financial penalties. Most leases allow a conditional upgrade to new technology, if it becomes available. However, there's a reason it's called "conditional" - the customer is usually constrained by time restrictions (i.e., can only upgrade after the mid-point of the lease), balance rollovers (rolling the remaining lease payments into a new lease), or early payoffs (the customer must make a lump-sum-payment of the balance on their current lease before committing to a new agreement). With FlexGuard, you have the following advantages:

· System Replacement Guarantee - No waiting period, no rollover, and no hidden costs

· "Peace of mind" protection against disruptive technologies and the unexpected

· Tax benefits such as fully deductible payments

· Avoid the need for capital expenditure budgets with an operating expense solution

· Structured to qualify for off-balance sheet financing

· Flexible end-of-term options

· Renew at reduced monthly rate and retain the System Replacement Guarantee

· Finance the purchase, replace the system, or return equipment

· ShoreCare / Partner Support all on one invoice

· All "add-ons" are co-terminus

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